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     Welcome and thank you for joining Grand Mesa Data Co-op.
    We hope you will enjoy the benefits that go along with Co-op buying.
     After receiving an enormous bill for data supply products Robert Greenspan, businessman, thought there must be a more cost-effective way to purchase data supplies.
     After many months of research he found out that distributors of data supply products enjoy a mark up that could exceed 500% on most products. He, then contacted several data supply manufacturers and found out it was impossible to purchase supplies direct without being a distributor and having buying power that exceeds $20,000 per month. Working with 9 other businesses they joined their buying power to create Grand Mesa Data Co-op. After 10 years of self supplying we have enjoyed huge savings every year on data supply products and the best part is the more we buy per year, the lower the pricing is for everybody, that means more money in your pocket.
     It is that savings that funds the co-op. Even though our members are owners we do not ask them to donate any of their work force, in fact, under the co-op structure most of the workers are employed and paid for by our founding 9 companies who handle the new member invitations, the customer service, invoicing, etc. The Co-Op is completely funded by manufacture rebates but by contract we must charge a mark-up so on all products under $100 there will be a $1 mark-up and over $100 a $2 mark-up. The monthly net profit from this mark-up will be given to the contact person at the company with the most referrals for the month (minimum 5 to qualify). If no company has 5 referrals then the total will roll over to the next month, etc. Within 1-2 hours after you receive your member number a catalog will be sent from the manufacturers, either by fax, e-mail or post office. We will issue you a member number then you can order directly from the manufacturer. They take all major credit cards and company checks.
     Most customer service matters will be handled by the manufactuers - not the co-op. But your co-op rep will give you a direct number to make communication easy. We look forward to a rewarding business relationship.

Grand Mesa Data Co-op
Robert Greenspan (founder)

Please use your member number when placing orders or referrals. All products are the highest yield American made and come with a 100% guarantee from the manufacturer.






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